Meeting Guidelines

TCF Bridgeport, CT Chapter

Support Group Standards/Guidelines

*Please silence cell phones.

*Meetings will begin and end on time.

*The group is a safe place to share feelings and to obtain and provide support, information, reassurance, and encouragement.

*What is said here, stays here. Everything said and heard in the group will be treated with respect for the participants’ privacy. Please do not share with anyone the names or stories you learn in this room.

*One person speaks at a time. Let each person have an opportunity to speak so that we can all hear free from interruption.

*Share the air. Let everyone who wishes to speak have an equal opportunity to do so. No one should dominate the conversation.

*Silence is acceptable. No one needs to say anything she/he does not wish to say. Listening is a gift, as well.

*Use “I” language. “What I did when faced with that problem was… “Avoid the use of “we,” “you,” or “they.” Please focus on personal feelings or experiences.

*Avoid individual problem solving or giving advice. Individuals can learn from one another’s experiences to solve their own problems.

*It’s OK to cry, and it’s OK to laugh. We are all entitled and encouraged to express our feelings about our own situations or experiences without judgment or criticism.

*The sharing that takes place is a gift to everyone in the room. Please don’t ask questions seeking more information. What each person chooses to share is appreciated and sufficient. Each person knows what is best for her or himself, and therefore carries the primary responsibility for her or his well-being during the meeting. If at any time persons need to leave or take a break, for any reason, they are free to do so.

We are here to care and help each other.